Hunting Info

  •  RIFLE
  1. Hunters must bring their own hunting rifles and must be in procession of a valid rifle licence.
  2. All rifles must be made safe, magazines emptied and rifle bolts opened while driving in/on vehicles and in the camp at all times.
  3. Caliber smaller than .270 not allowed, management discretion if applicable.  No “full metal jacket” only “soft point” ammunition. 
  4. All rifles to be checked on the shooting range for accuracy before hunting. (Please use this as an opportunity to ensure success and NOT as a practice range).
  5. No shooting from a vehicle.
  6. Shooting at waterholes will be subject to the Manager's discretion.
  7. It is compulsory to pickup ALL empty cartridges.
  • GAME
  1. All game on the price list is in good condition and plentiful under normal circumstances.
  2. Although all available species are listed, we regret to inform you that some will not be available for hunting until further notice. Currently - Steenbok and Duiker. This list can be ammended at any time due to local circumstances.  Please confirm with your P.H.
  1. The use of the hunting vehicle is restricted to the borders of Cyferfontein Game Farm.
  2. The hunting vehicle is to be driven by designated Cyferfontein Game Farm employees only.
  1. No HEAD shots.
  2. You must always be accompanied by a guide during hunting sessions.
  3. No hunting will be allowed after sunset - only from daybreak to sunset.
  4. The areas around the camps and entrance roads are declared NO HUNTING ZONES  -   Under no circumstances will hunting be allowed in these areas.
  5. No hunting allowed close to the fence and border roads.  Hunters will be responsible for game that breaks through the fence to adjacent farms.
  6. Each hunter must ensure that he is absolutely clear on the specie, sex and size of the trophy of the animals he/she wishes to hunt.
  7. All trophy measurements according to the farm's standards.
  8. The guides cannot be held responsible for any mistakes made in judgement by the hunter. Guides are not responsible for gender, species, body size or horn length  -  but will assist the hunters to the best of their knowledge at all times.
  9. No discount for under-sized animals – if the hunter pulls the trigger, the hunter is responsible.
  10. No bird hunting allowed.
  11. Field for shooting Clay-Pigeons are available, please enquire about possibility with booking.
  1. All wounded game will be paid for in full.
  2. Missed shots will be charged at R280 per shot.
  3. Missed shots taken on Eland, Giraffe and all trophy animals will be charged at 50% of the listed price.
  4. Wounded game will be tracked for 1 hour 30 min (no charge).
  5. If requested by the client, additional tracking will be done charged @ R310 per hour.
  1. No hunting if under the influence of alcohol!   No alcohol will be allowed during any hunting session.
  1. Bookings will be secure on 50% payment of the daily rate.
  2. The 50% deposit is non-refundable.
  3. Full hunting account must be settled on the day of departure.  No departures will be allowed without settlement of the outstanding account in full.
  1. Clients will be required to complete and sign an indemnity form before commencement of the safari.
  1. Clients should arrange their own travel and accident insurance as no liability for injury to persons and/of damage to equipment will be accepted.
  2. Cyferfontein Game Farm and the Trustees of the Flip Roets Trust will not accept any responsibility for theft, accidents, injuries or any costs arising from such events.
  1. Please do not give alcohol to the guides – only cold refreshments are allowed.
  2. Do not try to bribe guides! The farm management has contention plans in place that will negate any bribe, resulting in you loosing money. 
  1. Prices are VAT inclucive.
  2. Prices are subject to change without prior notice.
  3. Prices are ONLY VALID FOR THE PERIOD MENTIONED - please confirm prices via email info@cyferfontein.com


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